Bespoke Bathrooms Washington

Bathroom Design and Installation from the Prestige team

Kitchens and Bathrooms by Prestige are pleased to provide fantastic luxury, bespoke bathrooms fitted by our highly skilled team for a prestige finish. We have many bathroom options so whether you’re looking for a contemporary, modern or traditional bathroom, our designer will tailor to your vision, creating your wow factor.

Our Bathroom Service

After many years working within numerous homeowners we have designed and fitted a large number of bespoke bathrooms in North East, which has given our team the ability to develop their skills to guarantee the best possible results for our customers.

Prestige comprise all the necessary knowledge and expertise that is needed to supply and fit the perfect bespoke bathroom for you. We are blessed with an incredible team who are able to talk you through the many bathroom options, give their expert advice on what they think would best suit your needs and requirements, and then fit your bespoke bathroom perfectly.

We know investing in your home is investing in your lifestyle and property, so allow Prestige to take care of you.

Modern, Contemporary & Traditional Bathrooms – What’s The Difference?

Do you keep hearing the words ‘Modern’, ‘Contemporary’ and ‘Traditional’? Here’s our definition of what these terms mean to help you out a bit:

  • Modern – The term ‘modern’ usually refers to styles that are considered up to date with modern culture, as opposed to the more ‘traditional’ styles.
  • Contemporary – ‘Contemporary’ simply refers to whatever is being produced right now. The contemporary style is dynamic and is constantly changing.
  • Traditional – The term ‘traditional’ is used to define styles that are simply not considered ‘trendy’. Traditional styles usually stand the test of time and can be found in a lot of homes.

It’s important for you decide what style of bathroom you actually want. This will help us to help you in your ambition to find the perfect bathroom for your home in Washington.

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Prestige always look to go the extra mile for all of our clients. We strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction with all of our services and products, whether that be modern bathrooms, contemporary bathrooms and our traditional bathrooms. If you’re happy then we’re happy, we are passionate about what we do.

Contact Elizabeth on 0191 417 9288 today to discuss the ideas you have for a new and improved bathroom and you will be booked into our diary for a design consultation. We look forward to hearing from you soon.